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A positive birth is a state of mind. It is not defined by what happens during labour and birth but how you feel about your birth. I am here to help you achieve the right birth on the day.







Eleanor, your Hypnobirthing coach in Manchester


I am so glad you have found me!

The fact that you were looking for me probably means you are pregnant and:

  • Daydreaming about your ideal birth but have no idea how you are going to achieve it.
  • Scared about losing control in front of a room full of strangers.
  • Downloading every free MP3 and “following” all the hypnobirthing teachers on social media. You have good intentions to implement what you’ve learnt, but it just isn’t happening.
  • The thought of asking for a caesarean section has crept into your mind more than once and you have even researched it whilst lying awake at night.
  • You fear judgement so you make jokes about birth rather than addressing the real issue in case you look like a bad mum before the baby is even here.

I help women focus on the best birth possible whilst appreciating that sometimes nature needs assistance. Your birth should be an amazing and treasured memory, and I am here to help you make that happen. As a qualified hypnobirthing instructor, and a qualified teacher, I am here to help make your birthing experience as comfortable as possible.



Group Hypnobirthing classes in Manchester

Group Birthing Courses

A course designed to empower you, by giving you all the information you need to navigate the maternity system, and all the options available to you, as well as the tools to become an expert in relaxation, and a multitude of hypnobirthing techniques to help you to stay calm and in control during your labour and birth.

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Private Birth Coaching

The same course taken as one-to-one classes. Also, a great option for those who need to do a course in a short amount of time.

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baby feet. just given birth after Hypnobirthing classes in Manchester

Refresher Courses

This one-off session is the perfect class for you if you need a recap of the Hypnobirthing skills you learnt in your pregnancy.

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Eleanor, your Hypnobirthing coach in Manchester

1 hr coaching sessions

For those that aren’t quite ready to dive into a full course.

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VIP Hypnobirthing classes in Manchester

A VIP coaching day 

Seven hours of birth coaching tailored individually to you, typically including Hypnobirthing, antenatal tuition, and a treatment such as massage or reflexology.

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 Hypnobirthing classes in Manchester – Helping you to relax and take back control of your birth, making it less daunting, and a more comfortable experience.

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 I found myself with a lot of anxiety, stress, fear and worry about this birth. Within 10 mins of explaining how I was feeling to Eleanor, with her knowledge and expertise she instantly made me feel at ease. The consultant scared me by telling me I was having a big baby and panic set in for me. I left today’s session with Eleanor, confident about how I want to birth this baby. Relaxed because of the techniques she has given me to stay calm during pregnancy and labour and happy to trust my instincts and my body. To say she has completely put my mind at ease is an understatement and I am so grateful. We are going to be ok baby boy.



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 Meet Eleanor

I remember being petrified to talk honestly about my birth fears to people. I thought they would think I was too dramatic or immature to be a good mum. I didn’t even know there was any kind of course I could do to help me, until I stumbled across it on the internet by accident.

My plan was to have an epidural. This is all came crashing down when I was watching One Born Every Minute, and the woman asked for an epidural and was told ‘Sorry you can’t have one, the anaesthetist is busy.’

I literally sat up and spat out my tea – I didn’t know they could say no! In sheer panic I started searching for ways to stay calm and relaxed and found something called Hypnobirthing. Pretty soon I began to see birth differently. I wondered if I could try to give birth naturally and have the option of pain relief as a backup plan.

When I had the most amazing, positive, empowering birth (without the epidural!) I knew I had to share these secrets with all the pregnant women. About 1 hr after the birth, I had decided I was going to train as a teacher. Which I did – on my maternity leave! Later I went on to become a placenta specialist....

It might sound strange, given what I do, but I don't really see myself as a "birthy" person. I see myself as someone who empowers women to take control of their fears. To embrace any changes that come with pregnancy and to take control of the process of giving birth, to help them to have a positive birth, no matter what the situation.

My four pregnancies and births have all been very different: I had one premature birth, due to undiagnosed gestational diabetes, three gestational diabetes pregnancies on insulin, three inductions, two labours in water, two MLU births, two CLU births, and four births with an under active thyroid. But all were very positive and massively empowering, due to the Hypnobirthing techniques I learnt, and also the knowledge I was armed with on the course, which gave me the confidence to ask questions and do the research to enable me to become my own advocate. This, and working alongside our amazing NHS. All my pregnancies were high risk, but all options were available to me once I researched and asked the right questions, and I was respected and supported in all my decisions. (Email me if you'd like my birth stories.)

The phrase that makes my eye twitch when I hear it out and about are "I have been told I am not allowed to do that,” or “I wasn't given a choice." In an ideal world you would have known about the pros and cons, the percentage risks, the alternative options, where to go to do your research and most importantly, the fact that all choices are 100% yours to make. Let me help you create that ideal world. It is your body, your baby, your birth, but if you don't know your options, then you don't have any.

If there is an easier way to give birth, then it makes sense to me to do that by using Hypnobirthing. If there is a gentle way to ease myself into the first few months of motherhood, then it makes sense to me to do that by taking placenta capsules.

Oh, and hypnobirthing is for everyone, no matter your situation or how you are choosing to birth. If you want all the drugs or none of the drugs. Planned C-section or vaginal birth, induction or spontaneous, every type of birth can be a positive, empowering experience. But don't just hope for that – plan for it!

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Eleanor, The Manchester Birth Coach




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