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Private birth classes

Having taught many hypnobirthing classes in Manchester, I am quite used to adjusting my schedule and timings to suit individual needs.




Why Take A Private Course?

If your pregnancy is quite far advanced (post 36 weeks), you may need to fit your classes in a short space of time.  You might not have the energy to make small talk with other couples. Perhaps you have a complicated work scedule so you want to pick different times and days for each session or maybe you are cautios about Covid-19 and would like to be in a room with as few people as possible. Either way, a private course could be perfect for you.

Private birth courses are arranged to suit your life. You could do the course over a day, a few weeks or two sessions – whatever works best!

With a private course, you get everything included in the group coaching. With the extra benefits of:

  • Extra support from me, accountability and “pep talks” along the way
  • Having extra time to have your questions answered and your worries addressed.
  • Having sessions tailored more towards your individual needs. I can right you an individual birth plan etc
  • Getting all the cake to yourself!
  • Not having to make the effort to put make up on-it’s just us!

Prices for private birthing hypnobirthing courses in Manchester

Start from £240

Get in contact if you are looking for a private course. These prices are based on you and your birth partner attending, though I understand this is not always possible.

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One hour coaching calls

A birthing power hour! Maybe you are not ready to book onto the full course, or not in a position to. Maybe you have done a course with someone else but would like a top up. Perhaps you have done an NHS antenatal course and would just like some information on something that has come up in your pregnancy.

Then you may like to book a one-hour coaching call with me. This could be to prepare for induction, hypnosis for breech baby turn, help with gestational diabetes, to discuss any fears you still have, learn the basics of hypnobirthing – anything at all. To arrange a telephone coaching call, enquire online today.

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Just to let you know Noah is here!  I managed to use the Hypnobirthing techniques throughout my labour... no drugs, not even gas and air. Thank you for your guidance, it was essential on my journey! Lots of love from Dri and Noah 

Dri and Noah







 If you are looking for a more natural, easier method to give birth in comfort, my hypnobirthing classes in Manchester could be just the thing – book a lesson online here or call us to arrange a private class

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