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It is my mission to help pregnant women feel confident about their body’s ability to birth. I will guide you through releasing fear and negative thoughts to become an expert in relaxation, so you can achieve a calm, empowering birth.




Your body already knows how to give birth. When your baby is ready, a hormone called oxytocin will be released to start your contractions, followed by endorphins. (Your body’s natural pain relief). They will work together to bring your baby to you.

However, if you start to get scared, or anxious about the birth, then adrenaline starts to flood your body. The oxytocin and endorphins stop, slowing down your contractions or stopping them altogether. Then the interventions start. One intervention often leads to another, if the baby becomes distressed and this can end in a C-section.

You get scared because society has conditioned your mind to believe that birth is scary: it’s dramatic, it’s painful. Ever watched “One Born Every Minute”, where drama equals ratings? Did you grow up watching films or soaps where every scene involving a birth was created to be tense? A 13-year-old girl, who didn’t know she was pregnant, has gone into labour, and she’s in a car which is hanging off a cliff – that sort of thing?! How many times has someone cornered you at the photocopier, on the street, in the supermarket to tell you about their great aunties, 2nd cousin's friend who had a hideous 5 month labour where both her legs fell off? Your subconscious was listening and has stored all of that away. It thinks it is protecting you by reminding you how awful birth is. We need to let it know that it has learnt all the wrong lessons about birth and tell it the truth about birth. That it is natural, empowering and you can do it!

I will teach you how to:

  • Let go of the negative emotions you have about birth.
  • Become an expert in relaxation so you can let your body do what it needs to do, without your mind getting in its way.

I was told that I wasn’t “allowed to do this”, or they “wouldn’t let me do that”. But instead of accepting that I looked into each “you are not allowed”, researched it, assessed the pros and cons, arranged meetings with the right people, then created new rules. I birthed my babies, my way. These are the secrets I will be sharing with you.



Hypnobirthing classes in Manchester

 Is This The Right Course For You?

If you are still wondering if this course is the right course for you, you might like to see an example of what I do, by checking out the “taster video” in my freebie vault! Grab a cup of tea and settle down for 30 minutes of relaxation!

For years I taught the standard four-session hypnobirthing course, but I started to notice it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t in-depth enough. It wasn’t personal enough. Every pregnancy, baby, mum and birth are different, so I wanted to do better for my mammas.

It needed to take the best from group coaching by having guided sessions for women to talk to each other, work together, to inspire, and build each other’s confidence up.

It needed to take the best from 1:1 coaching and include time and space for women to have time to talk over a particular issue for them such as: addressing previous birth trauma, options for an induction, hypnosis for turning a breech baby etc.

It needed to have a strong focus on mental health and supporting woman through pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

So, guess what? That is what I made!




What do these hypnobirthing classes include?

This is a different course to normal antenatal programmes because I wanted to create something that works for you more than just one session a week.

  • Over four weeks, you will attend 4 birth sessions lasting 2/2.5 hours: Understanding the birth process, hypnobirthing, birth options and how your birth partner can support you.
  • Eight hypnosis/relaxation/meditation MP3s to really shift your birthing mindset and a course manual.
  • You will watch birth videos of everyday, normal people like you, birthing like they were born to do it!
  • Access to an amazing library of 100 videos with everything you need to know about pregnancy, birth and post birth.
  • You will have access to a closed Facebook group for women just like you who are learning about the same thing as you-how to be a champion birther!
  • Weekly homework tasks to help you reach your goals quicker and accountability to nudge you into doing it!

And that’s not all!

After the end of the program and before your estimated due date, you will be invited to book a one-to-one hour-long coaching zoom session with me at a time to suit you.

This could be used as a refresher-to go over the hypnosis tools and techniques you have learnt, to talk through reoccurring blocks that are pulling you back to a place of fear, to do a breech baby hypnosis turn session, to do a session on induction explanation and preparation – in fact, anything you like! You let me know what you need.

I like to keep groups small, as this course is more personalised coaching that the one-size-fits-all approach of so many. The course will run regardless of the number of couples that sign up. My motivation is not to have bums on seats to fill a course. It is to support and guide you towards having the best, most empowering birth possible. If I can make a difference to just one couple’s birth experience, then I do a little happy dance.




Session Content
Your hypnobirthing course in Manchester

Week 1 – The science bit 

We will start at the very core of your pregnancy issues– negative thoughts and blocks around your abilities to birth your baby. We will look at why you need to trust your body to do “its thing” and what happens to your birthing body when you let your fears get in the way.

Week 2 – Just breathe 

We will use Hypnobirthing techniques to look at the importance of breath work when it comes to keeping you calm and relaxed. Your birth partner will learn the same techniques, so they know how to support you confidently when you are in labour-No hiding in the corner of the birthing room on their phones for your birth partner!

Week 3 – Birth planning 

You have so many amazing options regarding how, when and where you give birth. You are in charge – it is your body, your baby, and your chance to create an amazing memory that will last a lifetime! I will share with you how to navigate the maternity system, so you never have to hear the dreaded words “you are not allowed”. If you don’t know what your options are, then you don’t have any!

Week 4 – Physical preparations 

Have you ever watched a woman on TV looking like she’s going to blow a blood vessel from all the effort she’s putting in to try and get her baby out and thought “that looks exhausting?” It is! That is why I am going to teach you another way. A calm, gentle way that is easier on you and your baby.

Week whenever you want to do it! 
– One-to-one Zoom coaching with me 

This one hour call is your chance to dive deeper into your future birth experience. To talk through reoccurring blocks that are pulling you back to a place of fear, or to do a refresher of the breathing techniques. To do a breech baby hypnosis turn session. To do a session on induction – in fact, anything you like – you let me know what you need.

You, your bump, and your birth partner should start a course between 20 - 36 weeks of pregnancy, so you have lots of time to practise.
(Post 36 weeks you would do a private fast track course.)


location of our Hypnobirthing classes in Manchester

So, what is your investment?

  • On this course you are getting access to all the birth loveliness for 4 sessions, and a one-to-one call.
  • Plus, the extras such as the video vault, and your MP3’s.
  • The cost of this birth coaching program is just £180.00.
  • There is also a 3-month payment plan available. (Book your place by paying your deposit, then contact me to let me know you want to make 2 further payments of £70)

Imagine, a few months from now, when you are holding your brand new baby, feeling amazed by what you did and what you made. Starting off your parenting journey absolutely knowing that you have got this. Because you grew a baby. You birthed a baby!

Once you have done that, you know without any doubts that you can do ANYTHING! Are you in?

I can’t wait to get you started!

El xxx




hypnobirthing classes are available as:


 My face-to-face groups are my most popular, due to the beautiful space and room I teach in. The photos on this website are all photos of your venue. No hard chairs in a cold village hall for you!






I gave birth to my second son, Stanley, and got to hold my baby in my arms straight away. No purple pushing, no panic, no screaming. He was just perfect. After the horrible birth I’d had first time around (resulting in years of PTSD and anxiety) we'd done it! This time around I feel like I really understood my body, and the birth we achieved was everything I ever wished for. Thank you El for empowering me to trust my body, stay calm, know how to express my desires, and ultimately heal all my old birthing wounds. I will be eternally grateful for learning to birth with you. If I can have a positive birth, coming from the negative experience of my first birth, then anyone can!

Victoria, Phillip and Stanley Walker