All about vernix!

You have just given birth to your precious baby and you notice that they are covered in this creamy white stuff.....No No No do not wipe it off!

This white, waxy, cheesy substance called 'VERNIX' has so many amazing benefits for your baby.

Studies have identified lipids, amino acids, proteins, antibacterial, and antimicrobial compounds in your baby’s making it truly special and unique.

One of the primary purposes of vernix is to protect your baby from unwanted pathogens, both in the womb, and out of it.

It also serves as a skin cleanser and antioxidant and offers a protective covering while coming down the birth path.

The vernix plays a key role in helping to protect the baby from early exposure to meconium (Your baby’s 1st poo )

This thick, waxy coating can also help to insulate your baby. Babies that have it immediately washed off have a significantly higher rate of heat loss.

The vernix acts as a lubricant in the birth path. This helps baby make a smooth transition into the outside world.

Vernix also smells of you, which may provide comfort and ease of bonding with your baby.

When your baby is born, the vernix may be thick and very noticeable, or it could be so thin that it’s only in the creases of the skin...all babies are different!

Babies born via C-section have more as the vernix hasn’t been rubbed off.

Babies born after 27 weeks, but earlier than full gestation also retain more vernix.

The immune proteins found in the vernix and amniotic fluid are very similar to the ones found in breastmilk. During the end of pregnancy, vernix thins and some of it sheds into the amniotic fluid that baby is now breathing. This antimicrobial, peptide-rich mixture enters the baby’s lungs and digestive tract and helps prepare the digestive tract for the similar peptides found in breastmilk.

This helps prepare the baby’s body for the transition to the outside world by prepping and nourishing their digestive systems...this white stuff is so clever!

And finally, It is the world’s best moisturiser. If you could bottle up this beautiful cream, it would be the most effective moisturiser on the shelf so when you are having skin to skin time with your precious baby gently massage this body butter into their skin.

This waterproof coating is better than any lotion or cream you will ever get your hands on so if your baby is born with it, leave it and remember the benefits you read about here today.

So, to sum up:

* It Protects

* It regulates skin PH and temperature

* It Moisturizes and keeps skin soft, and supple

* Contains your new baby smell to help with the bonding process during breastfeeding

* Because it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial in nature, it can help prevent infection within the vagina. (If your baby is being born this way.)

The best way to ensure that your baby's vernix is not rubbed off is to add this to your birth preferences. (If you take my course, we work on this in session 3)

I know that you are so looking forward to taking that 1st photo of your gorgeous baby and sending it out to all your friends and family. You still can! It is very rare (not impossible, but rare) for the vernix to be so thick that it shows up in a photo. With my 4 babies, I could see it in the creases of my baby’s neck, elbows and in their hair. (I have very hairy baby’s!)